Swelling Reduction Tips After Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you have a breast augmentation scheduled, then your plastic surgeon has likely informed you about the recovery period that must occur after the surgery is over. During your recovery, you will need to deal with some swelling. Swelling should be reduced as much as possible to assist your body with the healing process and also to reduce your own discomfort. There are many things you can do to reduce swelling, like the following.

Wear Special Garments

After your initial surgery is over, your surgeon will place surgical gauze around your breasts. This gauze is then wrapped in an ace bandage. The gauze helps to control bleeding, while the bandage minimizes swelling. This is called a compression bandage and it will be removed a few days after your surgery. Your surgeon will remove the bandages for you so the surgical area can be assessed. 

If you are healing normally, then you can start wearing a soft-cupped bra. If swelling is a concern of yours, then purchase a garmet that places gentle but firm pressure on your body. Compression bras can be found, but you should opt for a full chest covering. A surgical vest is a good option. These vests are typically made with velcro closures around the shoulders and the front of the garment so you can easily put on and take off the garment without discomfort. 

Once healing progresses, switch to a soft bra without an underwire. Purchase foam inserts for the bra that fit over the breasts. These products place pressure on the breasts alone once swelling minimizes and is noted around the breasts alone.

Elevate Your Body

It is wise to rest as much as possible for a day or two after your operation. This will help you to heal and to minimize movements that may increase the swelling around your breasts. As you rest, you should lay flat on your back, but your shoulders and chest should be elevated. This helps to reduce the strain of gravity on your chest. Also, elevation allows blood to move through your body easily, so blood and other fluids do not become trapped around your breasts. When this happens, an edema condition can develop and swelling will increase.

Many people find if comfortable to rest in a recliner that is gently reclined to a 45 degree angles. You can also rest in bed with pillows placed under the head and shoulders. Wedge pillows are also a good option to elevate the body in a comfortable and healthy position. 

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