Four Unusual Pain Management Techniques

What do you do to manage pain; do you automatically reach for the medicine cabinet for a pain relief tablet? While different people manage pain in different ways, some are more unusual than others. Here are a few examples of these unusual pain relief measures:

1. Swearing

Mouthing bad language, especially at a loud voice, is good for pain relief. According to Scientific American, the exact way in which swearing helps with pain is not clear. However, some scientists believe that the use of expletives involves the brain circuitry that also triggers the danger (flight-or-fight) response in you. When this happens, you become less sensitive to pain. Just choose your expletives carefully so that you don't hurt others' feelings.

2. Laughing

If you want to act like a proper gentleman or lady and keep and stick to good language even during your pain, then you can try laughing instead. According to Mayo Clinic, laughter helps with pain in two main ways:

  • It triggers the brain to release natural pain killers, the endorphins
  • It breaks the cycle of muscle spasms that causes pain

If you want something to trigger your laughter, try watching a funny movie or reading a comic book.

3. Developing Romantic Feelings

You can also use your romantic feelings to fight pain. According to WebMD, intense romance affects your brain much in the same way powerful painkillers do. It does this by triggering the release of the feel-good chemical (dopamine) in the brain. What is more, there is also an overlap between the pain and love neural systems in the brain. The good news is that you don't have to have "real" romantic feelings; it works even with imagined romantic scenes.

4. Sniffling Something Sweet

Another unusual pain relief technique is to smell something sweet. As you know, pain is affected both by internal and external factors. One of these external factors is that of smell. The good news is that your brain associates sweet smell with pleasure, and when you are experiencing pleasure, your brain rewards you by numbing your pain. Therefore, you can try inhaling the sweet aroma of a cake the next time you are in pain. Unfortunately, this technique only works for women.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Did it work for you? Which other unusual pain management tip can you add? Note, however, that these methods may not relieve all pain in all circumstances. If you have tried laughing, swearing or imagining romantic feelings to no avail, then it is time to consult a pain management doctor.

To learn more or ask other questions, contact a company like Illinois Pain Institute with any concerns you have.