How To Avoid Tennis Injuries In The First Place

Tennis is a great way to get more exercise. However, if you are not careful when playing tennis, you can sustain an injury that may cause you to no longer be able to play tennis or any other sport. If you sustain an injury, you may be able to recover with the help of a sports rehabilitation specialist. But it is better to find ways to avoid an injury in the first place.

General Tips For All Sports

Like with any other sport, you should make sure that you:

  • Warm up properly

  • Stretch

  • Inspect your equipment for wear-and-tear

  • Avoid playing under adverse weather conditions such as a rainstorm

  • Avoid playing for too long

Extended tennis playing can lead to several injuries, including rotator cuff tendinitis. The rotator cuff allows the shoulder to move in several directions and it is used heavily while playing tennis.

Learn The Proper Tennis Techniques

Learn how to use the proper technique when playing tennis. If you do not use the proper technique, not only will you not hit the ball properly, but you are more likely to damage a shoulder or elbow. The best way to avoid hitting the ball improperly is to take tennis lessons. How far you hit the ball is best determined by your timing and the correct rotation of your hips, trunk and legs. If you try to hit the ball harder simply by swinging harder, you are more likely to injure yourself.

Master The Proper Backhand Technique

If you use an incorrect backhand technique, you are likely to suffer from tennis elbow. This is a condition in which you experience painful inflammation in the elbow and forearm muscles.

Use The Correct Footwork When Chasing The Ball

You must also learn the proper footwork for rapidly covering ground. If you do not learn the proper technique, you may suffer from back pain, knee pain or calf and Achilles tendon injuries. Avoid landing on the ball of your foot when chasing after the ball.

Determining When To Play After You Have Been Injured

If you have a previous injury that you believe could impact your ability to play tennis, you should contact your family doctor for a recommendation on whether you should play. If you have already seen a sports rehabilitation specialist, this individual is the best person to contact to determine whether you can play again. While recovering, make sure to wear tennis shoes with arch support.