The Surprising Downsides To Wet Shaving

Shaving is one of the most popular hair removal methods used by men and women alike. Wet shaving in the shower may seem like the simplest option, but it poses many risks that people are unaware of. These risks go far beyond a bit of razor burn or accidentally nicking your skin. Read on to discover why shaving is not the ideal option for hair removal.

Razor Blades Harbor Harmful Bacteria

Like many people, you probably rinse off your razor with hot water after each use. This will rinse off the excess shaving cream and hairs, but this does not remove bacteria. This bacteria can cause you some health problems that you should not take lightly.

  • Razor blades are covered in bacteria because they constantly set in warm, damp environments. A study performed by Microban Europe revealed that close to five million different types of bacteria can be found on a razor blade.

  • You can contract a Staphylococcus infection or fungal infection from using a razor blade that has bacteria on it. Some additional infections you may get from a non-sterile razor blade include ringworm and folliculitis.

Shaving Can Be Incredibly Expensive

Shaving seems like the cheapest hair removal option, doesn't it? You can run to the drugstore and get a pack of disposable razors for about five dollars. You can often buy replacement cartridges for your razor for $20 or less. This sounds pretty cheap, but the costs add up over time.

An infographic by Confessions Of Professions breaks down the costs of shaving, and they are pretty surprising. Based on the number of times the average woman shaves, she may spend about $10,000 in her lifetime on razors and other products for shaving. As you can see, shaving is not so cheap after all.

Highly Effective Alternatives To Shaving

If you want to avoid bacterial infections and other inconveniences, you can opt for an effective alternative to shaving. Waxing is one popular method of hair removal that can be performed at home or in a salon setting. Depilatory creams can be used to dissolve your hair, but they are not ideal for sensitive skin.

If you want a sanitary and permanent way to get rid of body hair, consider laser hair removal treatments. These treatments use unique laser technology to carefully remove every inch of hair. You usually have to go through multiple treatments before the job is complete, but this depends on several different factors. Consult with your dermatologist or a laser hair removal center to set up an appointment.