5 Makeup Wearing Tips To Preventing Eye Irritation

Any kind of eye irritation that is excessive and regular can cause potential eyesight problems in the future. This is why, if you are someone who enjoys wearing makeup, you need to know what you can do to prevent your makeup from causing eye irritation. Here are five tips for doing this:

  1. Take Days Off:  It is definitely a good idea to take a day off from wearing makeup every once in a while. On days when you don't have to go out or you are only going to be running errands, it's best to use these as days when you can take a break. This is going to ensure that any eye irritation is completely avoided and it gives your eyes a break from having to be messed and played with to get your makeup on just right. 
  2. Use Waterproof Mascara: Waterproof mascara is definitely ideal because this means that your mascara is much less likely to become runny during the day, especially if your eyes tend to water up easily from allergies. If mascara runs, it gets in your eyes and can definitely irritate them. 
  3. Don't Use Powered Eye Shadow: The problem with powdered eye shadow is that it causes eye irritation because the small particles that don't end up on your eyelids most likely are going to end up in your eyes. It's much better to use cream eye shadows.
  4. Clean Your Brushes:  Any brushes that you use on your eyes need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any extra makeup from getting into your eyes. This will also remove bacteria that would otherwise irritate the eyes and potentially cause infection or other problems. You should also be sure that you are replacing eyeliner and mascara when they expire. Many people don't realize that these things expire, but they do. 
  5. Take the Makeup Off at Night:  Never forget to remove the makeup from your eyes at night so that it doesn't end up getting into your eyes and causing irritation. When you remove it, be sure that you keep your eyes closed so that the makeup doesn't get into your eyes. You also should not rub the makeup off, but gently wipe instead. If you rub too hard, the makeup can easily make its way into your eyes. 

When you utilize these five makeup wearing tips, you can be sure that looking great doesn't lead to potential problems with your eyesight in the future. For more information, visit sites like http://allabouteyes.com.