Information Regarding Seizure Safety

If you have started suffering from seizures then you will have a lot to learn about different things you should be doing to protect yourself when seizures happen, as well as things you can do to lessen your chances of having as many seizures. Here is some information for you:

Work closely with your doctor

There are a lot of medications that your doctor can try you on that may significantly decrease your chances of having seizures. You want to make sure you keep a journal when you are taking medications, so you can take the journal with you and show it to your doctor. This will let them know how well the medications are working for you and whether or not you are having side effects that may warrant a change in the type of medication or the dosage of that medication. You want to record things like auras, headaches, stomach issues, fatigue, appetite changes, and anything else that is generally out of the ordinary for you.

Consider getting a seizure detection dog

You can get a seizure detection dog that will go everywhere with you. The dog will have been professionally trained to detect a seizure right before it happens. This will help you to have the time to get somewhere safe so you can have a seizure without getting hurt by falling, hitting your head or suffering other injuries. When the dog warns you, you want to hurry up and get on soft ground away from other items as soon as you can.

Don't do dangerous things

When you know that you are prone to having seizures, you want to make sure you don't put yourself in dangerous situations. You shouldn't drive until you know you are on a medication that is working properly. You should also stay away from heights, never go swimming alone, and never go hiking all by yourself.

Try medical marijuana for seizures

You may want to give medical marijuana a try for your seizures. Many people find that taking medical marijuana for seizures significantly decreases the number of seizures they have and makes the ones they may have less significant. You do want to let your doctor know about your plans, so they can make sure you aren't taking other medications that may not work well with the marijuana. Also, you want your doctor to be aware of the situation so you don't end up having a dirty drug test that they weren't expecting because they weren't made aware of the situation.