2 Ideas You Can Use To Help Your Parent Enjoy Life In Assisted Living

While you may feel bad for your parent who is at an assisted living center, you should try to understand that this is a good place for him or her to be. If you are worried that your parent is bored there, here are two ideas of things you can do to help him or her enjoy life more at the assisted living center. Bring Things To Read A person living in assisted living has a lot of time on their hands, but you can do things to help your parent fill up some of this time. [Read More]

How To Effectively Treat Corns And Calluses

Corns and calluses are common foot ailments that can cause pain and discomfort when walking or participating in everyday activities. There's not a lot of difference between the two except location: A callus is thickened skin on the bottom of the foot, while a corn is usually located at the top or end of a toe. You'll usually see them come up at pressure points. The good news is that your podiatrist can quickly and easy remove these in his or her office. [Read More]

What Can You Do About Adult Acne?

Adult acne is simply the term for a sudden breakout that occurs in your adult years. You can get adult acne whether or not you had acne as a teenager. It may happen in early adulthood in your 20s or 30s, or not until you are getting close to menopause age. There are many different reasons for this type of acne, from hormonal imbalances, to lifestyle considerations. Here are some things to know about adult acne and what you can do about it. [Read More]

How To Pick Prescription Glasses So They Are A Favorite Fashion Accessory

Glasses aren't just a necessary vision aid, they can become a wonderful accessory item that highlights your eyes and draws attention to some of your best facial features. Finding the right glasses is easier if you already know what to look for. Find Your Face Shape Your face will fall into one of seven basic shapes. Determining which one is the first step toward picking out the right frame. Round faces have no angles and are similar in length and width. [Read More]