The Physician Owned Practice - Four Reasons You Are In Good Hands

There is a certain skepticism swirling around these days about whether physicians enter private practice to offer the best patient care or to get financial gain. Specifically, the thought of receiving care at a hospital that a physician has a monetary stake in can leave one worried about the true motivation of their physician. This shouldn't always be the case, though. Here are four reasons doctor-owned hospitals might be a better fit for your health care needs.

1. Community Partnerships

Through health care joint ventures, private ambulatory care centers and hospitals can work alongside the community hospitals for referrals and specialized care. This can be a win-win for the patient who can see their regular doctor, but also be provided with a network of care if other procedures or specialties are needed.

2. Autonomy

Through private practice, physicians will have the autonomy to upgrade equipment, hire the best staff, and to provide up-to-the-minute care. Creativity and fresh ideas can prosper in the private practice environment because physicians aren't bogged down with layer after layer of bureaucracy. Doctors that own their practices have more at stake to keep their patients happy and coming back. A community feel and customer service can be expected from a doctor that might not have the safety net of a large practice to meet the bottom line.

3. Specialization

Doctors who own their practices might do so because they carry certain prestige in their field. If you are referred to a specialist, they might be doctor-owned so they can have control over their field, procedures, and staff. You can find specialized, top notch care with a private practice physician who has chosen private practice so they can control the level of care.

4. Location

If you happen to live in a remote location where there is no immediate access to a larger facility, smaller, physician-owned practices can be there for the community. Ambulatory care centers can provide initial assessments to patients in the comfort of their own community, and if further action is needed, a trip to a larger hospital or facility can be arranged.

As with any hospital or affiliate that has to do with your medical care, make sure to do your homework. Find out what people are saying about a facility, a doctor or a specific procedure. Most reviews can easily be found on medical review websites or forums. Knowing you are in good hands is important and can be found in private practice.

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