4 Reasons to Undergo a Hearing Aid Test

If you've been having trouble hearing lately, the first thing you might do is go to your local drugstore and purchase some wax removal drops. You may try that for a while, but if the problem persists, then it's time to visit an audiologist for a hearing aid test. This type of hearing evaluation can help pinpoint what type of hearing loss you have and which treatment option can help put a stop to it. [Read More]

Understanding Altitude Sickness

Many people love the thrill of excitement, and mountain climbing is a great way to feel that joy. However, if you don't know what you're doing, you can be putting yourself in danger. Even if you have all the right equipment and skills, you may fall victim to altitude sickness. To learn more, keep reading. What Causes Altitude Sickness? Altitude sickness is caused by reduced oxygen due to less pressure at higher altitudes. [Read More]

Are You Facing Urinary Incontinence?

Many people of all ages struggle with varying degrees of urinary incontinence. This disorder is defined simply as having less bladder control than average. Often, incontinence is progressive. So, what might start as mild urinary incontinence can escalate to a total loss of control. However, by catching incontinence early, determining its cause, and pursuing possible treatments or remedies, you can avoid embarrassment and other related problems. Since urinary incontinence can happen to anyone at any time, it's important to know the early warning signs. [Read More]

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Plans

If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, you may be determined to overcome your condition. Nevertheless, once you have decided to obtain help to heal from a substance abuse problem, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of programs that are available in your area.   Some programs are certainly more effective than others. However, there are some commonalities between programs that tend to help people remain substance-free long-term. Here are a few components of effective substance abuse programs. [Read More]