Replacing Missing Front Teeth: Your Options & The Cost For Dental Implants

Are you missing a few teeth in the front of your mouth that makes smiling embarrassing? There are a few different ways to replace your teeth, but opting for dental implants is the most permanent and reliable solution to the problem. Below, learn what can be done when teeth are missing and what dental implants will cost.

What are Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

One affordable way to quickly replace your missing teeth is investing in temporary cosmetic teeth. The teeth are made to look like real teeth and can be placed in your mouth when you are in public. However, temporary cosmetic teeth are only ideal for altering your appearance. It is likely that you won't be able to eat food with the cosmetic teeth in place. The temporary teeth can be purchased in stores without the need for a dentist.

Another option for replacing missing teeth is to wear dentures. You will have to make a dentist appointment so the dentures can be customized for your mouth. You can eat with dentures just like they are your natural teeth, but it may feel strange until you get used to wearing them. The worst thing about wearing dentures is that you have to remove them every day. They must be sanitized to prevent an infection from germs and bacteria.

The most ideal option for replacing missing teeth is dental implants because they will function just like natural teeth. The implants will be installed in your jawbones to make it seem as though you grew them naturally. Dental implants are also ideal because they will never get stained. Food can accumulated and make them look dirty, but all you have to do is keep them brushed as though they are natural. No one will notice that you have dental implants because they are so realistic.

What Does it Cost to Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants cost up to an average of $2,400 plus for each one installed in place of a missing tooth. You are looking to spend a lot more if you need to undergo bone grafting. A bone graft is usually only necessary when your jawbones are too weak for implants to stay in place.  Dental implants are put into place by periodontists, like the ones at Periodontal Specialists, during a small surgical procedure. It is not likely that you will receive any help from your dental insurance company to pay for the implants, as they are cosmetic.

You should be able to smile as much as you want without the embarrassment of missing front teeth. Make an appointment so you can get permanent dental implants installed!