Fight Back Against Back Pain With Some Simple Lifestyle Changes

Seeing a chiropractor at a place like Chiropractor Plus is often your first step toward eliminating the back pain that has been hampering your mobility. In addition to the treatment plan that this back pain specialist will suggest, he or she will also often advocate the use of lifestyle changes to help reduce your pain. Although it can take some time before you feel the positive effects of some lifestyle changes, developing these healthy habits allows you to complement the chiropractor's adjustments and can be an effective way to keep back pain at bay even after you're finished your series of treatments. Here are three areas to explore.

Stretch In The Morning

Too many people get out of bed, sit in the car on their commute, sit all day at work and then sit on the couch in the evening. Even if you don't have time for regular exercise, set aside a short period -- such as 10 to 15 minutes -- for some stretches in the morning. A number of stretches can mobilize your back to reduce soreness from holding it stationary. Suitable stretches include lying on your back and pulling your knees toward your chest, positioning yourself on all fours and arching your back and sitting upright and pulling your shoulders back. As a bonus, morning stretches can also help you feel more awake for the day.

Keep Moving

A sedentary lifestyle won't do your back pain any favors. When you remain in one position for a long time, it can be easy to allow your spine to curve in an unhealthy manner, which puts stress on your discs and the muscles around your spine. Incorporate as much movement into your day as possible. If your job is sedentary, make changes such as standing up and walking in place while you're on the phone or taking a walk around the block at lunch. In the evening, try walking in place while you watch TV instead of lying on the couch.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress can cause your muscles to tighten and pull on your spine to the point of pain. Reducing your stress can often play a positive role in your fight against back pain. There are a wide range of ways you can manage your stress, including dedicating time every day to your family or a hobby, speaking to your boss about a conflict with a co-worker and getting outside to enjoy nature. Even consuming less caffeine can make you feel less on edge throughout the day.