Apprehensive About Breast Reduction Surgery? 2 Things That May Make You Change Your Mind

Having any kind of surgery can be scary, including breast reduction surgery by a cosmetic surgeon. You may be surprised at how the surgeon can ensure your surgery will come out great, as well as some of the benefits of this type of surgery. Keep reading and you will feel much better about getting your breast surgery.

The Doctor Can Use 3d Imaging

In the past, your doctor could tell you what your breasts would look like after surgery. It can be hard, however, to get a picture in your mind what they will look like. This has all changed with 3d imaging. A three dimensional view of your breasts allows your surgeon and you to get a very accurate picture of what your breasts will look like.

The doctor will use the 3d image machine to capture photos of your breasts simultaneously, and then a computer creates a 3d image of those photos. The doctor can then make changes to the 3d image, such as reducing the size of your breasts, so you will see exactly what they will look like. If you do not like the image, you can ask the doctor to reduce them more or make them a little bigger. The doctor has the ability to rotate the images so they and you can view your breasts from below or above.

Ask the doctor if you can take pictures of these images home with you to help you in making your decision.

Health Reasons to Consider

Breast reduction can improve your appearance, but it can also make you healthier in many ways including:

Improve Breathing and Pain

Your large breasts push down on your chest, and the extra weight on your chest may cause breathing problems. You may also feel pain in your spine and the back of your rib cage.

Improve Sex Life

You may even have a better sex life, as 61 percent of people surveyed said they have more sex after their breast augmentation surgery. Seventy percent of these people said their sex life was more satisfying after the procedure.

Improve Posture

Having your large breasts reduced can improve your posture. It is much easier to stand up straight when you do not have a heavy weight on your chest. Improved posture can give you relief from shoulder, back, and neck pain.

Talk with your cosmetic surgeon about this type of 3d imaging plastic surgery. They can go over with you in detail what it entails, and help relieve your fears.