Limit Your Risk Of Plantar Warts At The Swimming Pool With These Tips

Whether you're enrolled in swimming lessons or you simply enjoy visiting the local aquatic center to swim some laps as a way of keeping fit, you want to make sure that your pastime of choice doesn't result in plantar warts on one or both of your feet. While you can schedule a visit with your local podiatrist for treatment if you're concerned that you've developed a wart during a visit to the pool, the best plan is to always take steps to limit your risk. Here are some different strategies that you can use to be less likely to get a wart on your foot.

Wear Your Sandals Out To The Pool Deck

If someone else who has used the pool has a wart on his or her foot, it's possible that the virus can be left on the floor. Viruses will often thrive in damp environments, which is what perfectly describes the locker room of many aquatic centers. Try to change without setting your bare feet on the floor of the locker room. Once you get out of your street shoes, slip into a pair of sandals and wear them out onto the pool deck. When it's time to jump into the pool, put your sandals into the designated sandal area against the wall.

Avoid Sharing Towels

In most cases at a pool, you'll use your own towel. However, some swimming pools have a towel service for guests to use. It's best to avoid doing so. Even though the towels should be clean, you can't guarantee that the towel you choose has indeed been washed. The wart virus can linger in a towel, especially if it's left wet, and you could easily transfer this virus to your body as you dry yourself.

Dry Your Feet Thoroughly

Even if you come into contact with the wart virus, it's not an absolute certainty that you will develop a wart. Because warts thrive in dampness, it's a good idea to dry your feet thoroughly after you've been swimming. It's easy to leave them wet and walk outside with flip-flops on, but you should always take an extra few minutes to dry them carefully before you change into your street shoes.

Deal With Any Foot Injuries Carefully

If you have an injury to the bottom of your foot, such as a scrape or a cut, there's a greater chance that you'll catch the wart virus because of this open wound. If you notice an injury to your foot before you visit the swimming pool, take care to wrap it with bandages. You might also wish to consider skipping your swim until the injury has healed up.

Talk to a foot care specialist to learn more.