3 Tips For Buying Used Or Refurbished Medical Equipment

When you run a medical practice and would like to give your patients the utmost in care, you must focus on the quality of medical equipment that you are using. As you know, medical equipment can get pricey. However, you always have the option of buying medical equipment that is used or refurbished in order to save money but still get great equipment. If this is something you are looking into, read the following guidelines. 

Tip #1: Assess The Needs Of Your Practice And Explore Your Options

When you are looking to purchase medical equipment, you will commonly decide on either used or refurbished. Used equipment is typically sold as is, while refurbished medical equipment is used, but has had faulty parts replaced. When deciding on which option to choose, you should consider the priority level of this purchase and how the equipment will be used within your practice. Some examples of equipment that medical practices purchase used or refurbished includes diabetes and blood pressure monitors, diagnostic equipment, monitors, lab and tech equipment and operating tables. Take inventory of the overall needs of your business, so that you can decide on which options you might look into.

Tip #2: Inspect The Equipment You Are Looking To Buy

When you are buying either used or refurbished equipment, there are some criteria you need to address with an inspection. You need to be sure first and foremost that the medical equipment works properly. Always test the items out and ask the last time they have been calibrated. You must also be sure that the equipment is the right size and able to be used comfortably by many different patients. Further, always consider hygiene concerns when purchasing equipment, so that your medical practice remains safe and sanitary. 

Tip #3: Buy A Warranty For Your Purchase

Because longevity is a potential concern when purchasing used or refurbished equipment, you should buy a warranty with any type of equipment that you purchase. These warranties will allow you to replace the equipment if it stops working during the course of the warranty. Many medical equipment sales companies will also offer limited time guarantees, which would provide some peace of mind with your purchase. Explore these sorts of options and never purchase medical equipment without some sort of protection

When you use these three tips for purchasing used or refurbished medical equipment, you will be in good hands. Talk to a company like Medi-Rents & Sales Inc for more help.