Using Orthopedic Expert Witnesses After an ACL Surgery Mistake

Tearing the ACL is a situation that can destroy or seriously impact an athlete's career. However, surgery can do a lot to repair this damage. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that failure can occur during these surgeries. When this happens, it is important to use orthopedic expert witnesses to win a lawsuit.

Failures Can Occur with ACL Surgery

Recovering from a serious ACL injury almost always requires professional surgical procedures. Unfortunately, there is a chance that these procedures can go wrong. For example, a mistake may be made that causes the injury to grow worse. Even more problematic, the surgeon may make a cut or a treatment decision that devastates a person's chances of recovery.

An athlete who suffers from a torn ACL and then a serious surgery mistake is likely to never fully recover from their injury. When this happens, their only recourse may be to sue the doctor. However, this case can be complicated if the doctor is skilled at avoiding blame.  

Winning a Case Requires Proving the Surgeon Is At-Fault

In these types of cases, it is important to take the time to prove that the attending surgeon caused the error or the worsening of your ACL injury. That's because there are other factors that may be in play here, such as your own influence on the situation.

As you are likely to be unconscious during an ACL surgery, you may not see the error or know when it happened. Even worse, the doctor may try to claim that your worsened condition was a result of something you did after the surgery. As a result, an expert witness may be necessary.

How an Expert Witness Can Help

An orthopedic expert witness can provide you with the help you need to win this difficult case. They will examine the damage that occurred to your ACL and then the documents regarding your surgery mistake. With a careful eye, they will examine all of these documents to pin-point exactly where the error happened and what caused it.

They can prove that the surgeon's mistake led to a complication of your injury. Expert witnesses like these are often more highly-regarded in a court because they are independent and have no reason to lie. The surgeon who did the surgery is more likely to lie because they don't want to lose.

As a result, a skilled orthopedic expert witness is often a wise investment for someone going through this type of difficult lawsuit. Don't hesitate to reach out to companies like Orthopedic Expert Services if you are concerned about your chances of victory or want to increase them exponentially.