Should You Get A Massage During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, it can sometimes feel like every muscle in your body aches. Indeed, it is tough for your body to get used to carrying around all of that extra weight every day! To ease your muscle soreness, you may be thinking of getting a massage. But is massage safe for pregnant women? And if so, how does it help? Read on to learn the answers to these common questions. 

Is massage safe for pregnant women?

As long as a massage is performed by a licensed massage therapist who has experience working with pregnant ladies, you have no reason to worry. Your therapist will know to be gentle in areas around your abdomen and not to massage too deep, which could make you uncomfortable and cause extra soreness in your already-sensitive tissues. You should talk to your doctor before getting a massage if you are prone to blood clots or are taking a blood thinning medication, but those recommendations hold true whether or not you are pregnant.

What are the benefits of massage for pregnant women?

Not only will massage feel good for your tired, sore muscles, but it will also offer you these benefits.

Better sleep

Sleeping is tough when you feel like you have a basketball under your shirt. It is even harder when your muscles are also sore. Massage will ease the soreness so you have an easier time finding a comfortable sleeping position. And better sleep will leave you feeling less irritable and grouchy throughout your pregnancy.

Improved strength

It's harder to walk, move, and even give birth when your muscles are sore. A massage can leave you feeling a lot looser, so you can contort your body as needed to get through the day. And when you do go into labor, you will be better able to properly use your muscles, which may reduce your chances of tears and excessive fatigue.


Women who enter labor feeling relaxed and at-ease have a much easier time of it! And it's no secret that massage therapy will help you relax. Try getting a massage every week in the month leading up to your due date. It will have a remarkable impact on your well being and your birth experience. 

If you have additional concerns about massage during your pregnancy, reach out to a massage therapist in your area. In most cases, it is not only safe but also beneficial to get massaged when pregnant.