Benefits Of Using A Nasal Cannula To Receive Oxygen

If you need to receive oxygen for any reason, you often have the ability to receive it at home. While you'll visit a local medical clinic to learn how to administer oxygen, you'll appreciate being able to get help with your breathing in the comfort of your home. There are a few different devices that people use to get oxygen. While some people use a transparent mask that covers their nose and mouth, another option is to use a nasal cannula. This is a small tube that sits beneath your nose and has two openings that allow air to enter your nostrils. If you have the choice of which device to use, here are some benefits of a nasal cannula to consider.

No Interference With Daily Activities

A lot of people prefer using a nasal cannula over a mask because the former doesn't get in the way of their daily activities. For example, when you're using this device and want to converse with a family member or visitor, you'll be able to easily do so. When it's time to drink some water or eat a snack or meal, you can continue to receive oxygen without any issues. While there are lots of advantages to using a mask for oxygen, you need to remove it for these daily activities.

More Comfortable

If you were to try a nasal cannula and then try a mask afterward, there's a good chance that you'd consider the former device to be more comfortable. Some people find that the mask puts too much pressure on their face; conversely, the nasal cannula sits very lightly against your skin. Often, you can wear a nasal cannula for a short period of them and then essentially forget that it's there. This is something that is unlikely when you're wearing a mask.

No Cleaning Issues

When you wear a mask for oxygen, it's important to clean this device regularly. Condensation from your mouth will build up in the mask over time, and this condensation has bacteria in it. Cleaning the mask isn't necessarily difficult, but it's time-consuming and may be a challenge if you have arthritis that affects the dexterity of your hands. A nasal cannula is a better choice because it doesn't require cleaning in the same way. Typically, you're advised to use this simple device for a period of time, discard it, and replace it with a new one.