3 Items To Make Life Easier Immediately After Achilles Surgery

Are you having Achilles tendon repair surgery in the near future? Are you wondering how you will cope with the recovery period immediately after the surgery? Achilles surgery can be one of the more difficult orthopedic procedures to recover from. That's because you'll likely be under strict orders from your orthopedic surgeon to put no weight or pressure on your foot in the weeks after the surgery. When you're unable to put pressure on one foot, even the simplest tasks can become incredibly difficult. Here are a few items that can ease your frustration and help you cope with the situation:

A backpack. Your orthopedic surgeon will likely order you to stay in bed with your foot elevated as much as possible. The elevation will help reduce swelling, which can encourage the tendon to heal faster. However, there may be times when you'll need to get up, especially to get food or to get a book, work items, or other important materials.

The problem is that you'll also likely be on crutches. And it's close to impossible to carry anything of substance in your hands while also operating your crutches. A backpack may become your best friend. You can take the backpack to the kitchen and load it with snacks, then fling the pack over your shoulder before using your crutches to get back to the bed. Or you can use the backpack to carry your computer from the bed to the couch if you need a change of scenery.

A shower seat. Taking a shower is usually a tremendous challenge for those recovering from Achilles surgery. Right after the surgery, you'll probably have a soft cast that can't get wet. Even once the cast is removed, you'll likely be unable to put your foot down in the shower. That means balancing yourself on one foot while also washing yourself.

Give yourself a break and invest in a shower seat. You can then use your crutches to get yourself into the seat. Once you're settled, you can turn on the shower. When you're done, simply use your crutches and any nearby counters or shelves for leverage to get out of the chair. You'll be able to get a complete shower without worrying about falling over.

A knee scooter. Crutches can be an inexpensive solution for mobility. They require a lot of effort, though, and they can cause soreness under your arms. You may find that it's worth it to spend a small bit more and rent a knee scooter. You simply rest your knee on a pad and then use your good foot to push the scooter along. They come with a steering apparatus so you can direct the scooter in which way to go. You'll likely get around faster and with less pain and inconvenience.

For more information, talk to local orthopedic surgeons. They can give you more good advice for coping with your surgery.