Is Lasik Eye Surgery Or Contacts Right For You?

Prescription glasses are a very effective way to have your vision corrected. However, glasses aren't always the most comfortable things to wear and there are a lot of times when wearing them can be a burden. You can't wear them while you wear your favorite sunglasses, they do make it harder for people to see your eyes, they can be awkward to wear with protective head gear and wearing them in the rain is extremely difficult. Therefore, you may be wondering whether going with contacts or having Lasik eye surgery can be a good way to get out of your glasses. This article will help you weigh the pros and cons of each.

Contacts are budget friendly

Contact lenses tend to be affordable for most budgets. They can also be purchased in different quantities and styles, so you can go with the ones that fit your financial standing. Once you can afford to buy in bigger quantities, doing so will allow you to get a bulk discount in most cases.

Contacts can be purchased in different styles

You can buy contacts that meet your needs the best. You can get disposable ones that you toss out after short term wear, or you can get ones that you wear for months at a time. You can also get contact lenses that come in different colors. 

Contacts can help treat certain conditions

In some cases wearing contact lenses can help to slow down or even treat certain vision problems, such as progressive myopia.

Lasik eye surgery is done in one day

Lasik eye surgery consists of an outpatient procedure and this means you will be in and out in just a day. In fact, the entire procedure usually takes less than a half an hour. Once you have the procedure done, you shouldn't have to have anything else done, but will be required to come back in for a post-op exam to make sure everything has healed correctly.

Lasik eye surgery gives you fast, permanent results

You will be directed to take it easy and use eye drops for a few days after the procedure, but you should start to see improvement in your vision almost immediately. In fact, you should be able to see most of the improvement in your vision within a few days. This means, you will be able to enjoy a life that's free of bad vision right away and not have to worry about any kind of corrective lenses anymore.

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