Tips For Caring For Someone With Late-Stage Brain Cancer

As someone caring for a loved one with late-stage brain cancer, it is important that you know there are some simple things you can do to make the process easier for both of you, such as the following tips:

Tip: Ask a Friend or Family Member to Come Visit While You Go Grocery Shopping and Run Errands

Since it is no longer safe for you to leave your loved one at home alone when their brain cancer is in its last stages, you will need to arrange for respite care. While you can always hire someone to come sit with your loved one when you are grocery shopping and running other errands, they will appreciate it more if a member of your family or a friend comes to stay with them. It is much more comforting to have friends and relatives in your home when you aren't feeling well than it is to have strangers present. 

Tip: Buy Extra Linens so You can Wash Fewer Loads of Laundry 

As your loved one's brain cancer spreads, they will become incontinent. If their incontinence is making it necessary for you to do multiple loads of laundry each day, then you should buy some extra linens and clothing. Having extra clean clothing and linens allows you to wash the laundry when you have time rather than needing to do so urgently.

Tip: Use a Compounding Pharmacy for Liquid Medications

As your loved one's brain cancer progresses, they will likely begin to have problems swallowing. Not being able to swallow well causes issues with taking pain and other necessary medications. When this becomes a problem, you can have your loved one's prescriptions filled at a local compounding pharmacy. The compounding pharmacist will make special medications matching your loved one's prescriptions that are in liquid form. When the liquid medications are mixed, special flavorings can be added so that the medication doesn't have an offensive flavor. 

Tip: Ask Your Loved One's Physician about Hospice Services

Finally, if your loved one's oncologist has not mentioned hospice services to you, then you should ask about it as soon as possible. Hospice is a program designed especially for helping people with terminal illnesses live their last days at home in as much comfort as possible. Once enrolled in a hospice program, they can easily access compounding pharmacies, medical supplies, and other things you need to make caring for your loved one simpler for both of you.

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