5 Things To Get From The Drugstore

Drugstores are a convenient place to get the supplies you need to maintain your health and wellness. Whether you're sick, injured, or simply trying to keep your body in peak health, the drugstore has items that can help. Here are five things you can get from a drugstore near you:

1. Over-The-Counter Medication

Drugstores sell a wide variety of over-the-counter medications that can help you manage and treat a variety of symptoms. NSAIDs are OTC painkillers that reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. Many NSAIDs also work as fever reducers for people who are ill. You can also purchase cold medication that can suppress your cough and clear up your congestion when you get sick. Drugstores even sell antihistamines that can help people with acute and seasonal allergies feel more comfortable.

2. Health Supplements

Sometimes, your goal is not to treat a specific symptom but to improve your overall health. Health supplements can support overall physical and mental function. You can find many common supplements at most drug stores. You can purchase a multivitamin that will fill any nutritional gaps in your diet. You can also purchase specific health supplements intended to improve different aspects of your health. For instance, many people choose St. John's Wort supplements to elevate their mood. According to WebMD, this supplement can benefit people with some types of moderate depression.

3. First Aid Supplies

Most people will get injured at least once during their lives. Fortunately, many common injuries aren't serious and don't require professional medical attention. However, good first aid is still imperative. First aid supplies will allow you to sanitize, treat, and bandage cuts and burns. Drugstores sell adhesive bandages, gauze, paper tape, and other supplies needed to cover and protect wounds. They also sell antibiotic ointments, burn creams, and other topical treatments that can aid healing. You can also purchase alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and other solutions to sanitize skin and equipment.

4. Prescription Medication

Sometimes, you may need medication that you can't buy over the counter. In these instances, you will need to obtain a prescription from your doctor, which can be filled at the drugstore pharmacy. You can obtain antibiotics, muscle relaxants, and powerful painkillers via prescription. Some drugstore pharmacies give patients the opportunity to call, fax, or email prescriptions ahead of time, which can reduce the amount of time you spend waiting at the pharmacy for pickup. Make sure to bring your insurance card and ID to the pharmacy for a smooth, complication-free experience.

5. Pharmacist Advice

You should never start or stop taking any medication without the proper medical advisement. The prescription medication you pick up from the drugstore pharmacy has been prescribed to you by your doctor. However, you may still have questions about interactions with other medications that you take. You can direct your questions to the pharmacist on duty. Pharmacists are highly trained in biochemistry and can tell you about potential drug interactions. They can also let you know what side effects you can expect from your medication. Your pharmacist will tell you when to take your medication and will let you know if you need to do anything special beforehand, such as eating a small meal or abstaining from alcohol.

When you need a bandage, multivitamins, or prescription medication, your local drugstore is the place to go. The convenience of drugstores will allow you to finish your shopping and pick up your medication quickly so you can get back home and get some rest. Some drugstores even allow patients to do their shopping online ahead of time before coming in for convenient pickup service.